Victor Kriegshaber
“The Marianna” after his daughter, Marian. Victor was a prominent member of the community and was president of his own building material supply company as well as several other companies in Atlanta. He also served in executive positions for many businesses, civic, philanthropic and cultural organizations including director of the Chamber of Commerce, and member of the executive committee of the Atlanta Music Festival Association.

Hugh Holmes
Centenary Methodist Protestant Church
During this time, many load bearing walls were removed on the main level to create a large open area.

Jack Rand
Jack Rand Dance Studio
The Rands lived in the back bedroom and the dance lessons were given in the large open area that the church created.

Wilma Stone
Wrecking Bar Architectural Antiques
This is the longest period of time that the building was a single entity.

Bob and Kristine Sandage
They renovated the building to create a brewpub in the basement and event space on the main floor.

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