Brunch Menu

Pancake Stack … 11 

Buttermilk pancakes, WB apple butter whipped local cream, spiced bar nuts, Vermont maple syrup, WB bacon 


The Marianna … 12 

Wrecking Barn open-faced omelette, cured coppa, radish, spicy local greens, shaved fennelbuttermilk vinaigrette 


Breakfast Biscuit … 10 

Wrecking Bar breakfast sausage, WB farm egg, pimento cheese, yellow mustard; side of torn potatoes 


Croque Madame … 12 

Shaved WB ham, gruyere fondue, dijon mustard,  

Wrecking Barn sunny side up egg, pain au levain;  

local greens salad, simple vinaigrette 


Ham Hock Benedict …12 

Smoked Riverview Farms ham hock, buttermilk biscuit, two poached eggs, wilted arugula, barrel-aged hot sauce hollandaise