Vegetarian Tuesday Specials

Tuesday, October 15, 2013



Dry Hopped & Cedar Aged Denamelizer IIPA (4oz/8oz) … 3/5.5

Our Denamelizer Imperial IPA dry hopped with home grown Chinook hops, aged in cedar cask & pulled from the cellar with our old English beer engine


Soup of the Day … 5

Five onion soup gf

Seitan Lettuce Cups … 8

Quinoa, bulgur, cucumber and vegan tzatziki v

  Celery Root Mushroom Bowl … 11

Crack in the Sidewalk shiitake mushrooms, shallots, bulgur wheat and pecorino cheese

Tofu & Chickpeas … 12

Marinated tofu, chickpeas with crushed tomatoes, turmeric and saffron v, gf

g – gluten free, v – vegan