As the cooler weather has come, we've opened up the pub and Biergarten spaces for limited, socially distanced seating. Patio and Al Fresco dining service will continue to operate, even with the winter chill. The safety of our staff and community always comes first, so when you come to dine at the pub, please bring your mask as it is required to enter the restaurant. Food, beer, and cocktails to-go are available for curbside orders by clicking here, or by calling us at 404-221-2600. Please check our website for our current hours and menus, as well as Instagram for updates on new beers, cocktails, and food specials offered daily.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the continued support throughout this year, and expect great food and drink from us for years to come.

Today’s Beer
Here's a classic from before the Crazy Hazy Dayz! Big Bold and Beautiful Husker Red Rye has a big malt backbone with a healthy rye kick. All that malt presense is backed up by a plethora of citrus, resin, and pine hop character from a wealth of Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops. Tap Date 2/16 OG 1.069 IBU 56 ABV 7.3%
Fresh drop of Jemmy Dean. This batch with J Martinez Co's Kenya AA Miricho Estate, mild acidity with notes of cocoa and dry red wine, delicate and round
What's it got in its pockets precious? What we know for certain is that we lost our way in the dark. It's always dark here, but the water is tasty. It's jammy, like blackberry jam, and then it gives way to salt and perhaps a slight smokie note. The finish is something akin to bittersweet chocolate spread across velvet. Tap Date 2/9 OG 1.050 IBU 6 ABV 6.5%
A simple grist of German Pilsner malt lays a crisp, grainy foundation for the hops and fermentation profile to shine. Hopped assertively with Perle and Hallertau blanc hops sourced from Seitz Farm in Bavaria and a bit of Czech Saaz. This beer has a floral and vinous nose with notes of freshly cut grass, peppercorn, and subtle hints of grape. Tap Date 9/18 OG 1.052 IBU 35 ABV 5.5%
Our second blending project with our bourbon barrel aged Siberius Minimus Imperial Stout with cacao nibs. ABV 8.5%
Our take on a traditional Vienna-Style lager. Brewed with a blend of Vienna, Munich, Pilsner, and CaraAmber malts, expect a toasty and dry lager base with a subtle caramel finish. A smooth noble hop bitterness provides contrast to the malt base. A beer meant to be enjoyed at any occasion. Easy enough for new beer drinkers, yet complex enough to please every palate. Tap date 11/20 OG 1.054 IBU 30 ABV 5.6%
Brewed with English pale, spicy rye malt, and several carefully selected roasted grains from Germany, this robust ale has a subtle roasted chocolate undertone paired with a bold citrusy hop flavor and aroma. This beer is assertively hopped with a mountain of Citra and Amarillo producing a wallop of pungent citrus character. Tap Date 12/29 OG 1.074 IBU ABV 8%
Hey, bro! Hope you like raspberry and lime, because we're gonna give it to ya! The imperial version of one our favorite kettle sours, this behemoth features over 300 pounds of fresh raspberry puree. Add to that a hefty dosing of vanilla and tons of lime peel and you've got one dangerously tasty concoction. Watch out though: At over 8% ABV, it'll sneak up on ya! Tap Date 2/18 OG 1.068 IBU 10 ABV 8.5%
Our 2nd generation, this pale golden ale/lager hybrid associated with the city of Köln, Germany, uses the lightest German Koln & Heidelberg malts. With enough hops for balance, the result is a very light, crisp beer. Tap Date 8/30 OG 1.045 IBU 21 ABV 4.8%
It must be time for bonfires and parkas because the rauchbier is back! This seasonal favorite features beechwood-smoked barley as part of the grain bill and is fermented with a popular German lager yeast. The beer was then cold-conditioned for over one month. The result is an amber lager with a smoky nose and a crisp, balanced finish. Cheers to the change of seasons! Tap Date 11/9 OG 1.051 IBU 41 ABV 5.5%
This time we steered our course west. We heard the vibes were chill out that way. The breeze was dank, in the best possible way, you know what I'm talking about. And when the sun hit the horizon on its way out, the whole sky lit up orange. It took me back to this beer I had once, full of citrus punch, tangerine, orange, and grapefruit, dank and juicy. Yeah, that was a tasty one... Featured hops Cascade, Amarillo, and Chinook Tap Date 3/2 1.062 IBU 60 ABV 6.5%
SoPo English Brown Ale is a celebration of malt. SoPo features Crisp No. 19 Floor Malted Marris Otter, one of only a few floor maltings still operating in the UK. Maris Otter is known for being a particularly bready and biscuity malt, No. 19 is all that and then some. Golden Naked Oats, Biscuit malt, and Special B contribute notes of toasted oat, biscuit, almond, and dried fruit. Imagine a warm toasted English muffin with honey and you're just about there. Available on draft and nitro, we encourage you to try both. Tap Date 1/5 OG 1.049 IBU 24 ABV 4.8%
For those that want a beer with complex malt flavors, without the extra roastiness of a stout, our Oatmeal Porter is your beer. This Porter contains prominent notes of chocolate, biscuits, and dark fruit and is smoothed out by a big portion of flaked oats, with just enough English hops to balance. Tap Date 1/10 OG 1.056 IBU 30 ABV 5.2%
With six different grains used in the brewing process, this is one of the more rich and complex stouts out there. Several different roasted barleys, oats and caramelized grains yield hints of shortbread, toffee, chocolate and a roast espresso finish. Tap Date 3/14 OG 1.067 IBU 65 ABV 6.9%
This kettle soured ale was brewed with lactose sugar, vanilla beans, cinnamon bark, and over 200 pounds of both sweet and tart cherries. These ingredients combine to emulate flavors of a fresh cherry pie. Notes of pie crust, juicy cherries, and a balanced tartness make for savory and refreshing treat. Tap date 11/20 OG 1.051 IBU 12 ABV 4.9%
Our Sow Your Wild Oatmeal Porter conditioned with dark rum soaked raisins, vanilla and cinnamon while maintaining the prominent notes of a classic oatmeal raisin cookie. Just like Grandma used to make em! Tap Date 2/9 OG 1.056 IBU 30 ABV 5.2%


Brewing on a 7 barrel system, Bill Arnold & Ryan Donald have developed a beer program that focuses on perfecting classic styles such as Kolsch, Pilsner, ESB, IPA, barrel aged strong beer and session styles. This classic list is balanced with more experimental styles: milkshake IPA’s, fruited gose’s and farmhouse ales, to name a few. Over the last seven years we’ve also developed a barrel aging program, aging stouts, barleywines, and scotch ales in bourbon and rum barrels to bring out the beers best characteristics, winning a Silver Medal in Barrel Aged Strong Ales at the Great American Beer Festival in 2018 for our Willett Bourbon Barrel Aged Ye Old Sprinklerhead Barleywine.


Terry Koval has spent the last several years turning the Wrecking Bar’s menu into a diverse array of flavors, while staying rooted in pub classics. We source from local bakeries, dairies, and farms ( including our own ), and believe it’s important to support the local economy and build relationships. The menu keeps a few classics on constantly, while the rest changes to reflect the season, highlighting produce and flavors at their peak.


Housed in a late Victorian building that was once a home, a church, a dance studio, and an architectural salvage store, the Wrecking Bar Brewpub has worked to become a cornerstone of the neighborhood. With a focus on comfortable atmosphere, clean and exciting locally sourced food, an extensive bar program, and excellent beer crafted in house, the goal is to maintain a restaurant that has has something for everyone. Come grab a beer at the bar, or meet up with family and friends for dinner.


Owner, 10 yrs
Executive Chef
Sous Chef
Manager, 10 yrs
General Manager, 8.5 yrs
Bar, Canning, Cat Things, 5 yrs
Manager, Sommelier, Bar 3 yrs
Graphic Artist, 6 yrs
Brewer, 1 yr
Prep Cook, Comedian 6 yrs
Manager, Bar, 5 yrs
Event Manager to the Stars, 3 yrs
Founder, 10 yrs


There are three separate event spaces at the Wrecking Bar Brewpub, each with varying capacity and atmosphere:

The Cellar

The Cellar is a private dining room located inside the restaurant that seats up to 30 for dinner and holds up to 40 for a cocktail style party. Excellent for dinner parties and get togethers, from workplace mixers and book clubs, to birthday parties and rehearsal dinners.


The Biergarten

The Biergarten is an event space in our brewery warehouse that seats up to 42 and holds up to 100 standing. With a long concrete bar, twelve beer taps, and fermentation tanks in the room, it’s definitely a casual venue, and a built-in stage makes it perfect for celebrations involving a band.

The Marianna

The Marianna is our formal event space on the main floor of the house, with a capacity of 30-250 people. It has 13 foot ceilings, stained glass windows, and original fireplaces, and is perfect for weddings (both ceremony and reception), breakout sessions, rehearsal dinners, and holiday parties.

For all event spaces inquiries, please contact Katy at [email protected]


“The Victor H. Kriegshaber House is historically significant for its association with Victor Hugo Kriegshaber, who was a leader in the cultural and economic development of Atlanta during the first third of the century, and the original owner of this house. He commissioned the building to be designed by architect Willis F. Danny just before 1900 and lived there with his family until 1924.The Kriegshaber residence is a fine example of Denny’s work; he practiced only a few years in Atlanta before his early death at 31 due to pneumonia, but managed to design many of the city’s most prestigious public and private structures before 1905. Stylistically, the house is a noteworthy transitional statement combining late Victorian and eclectic details.

Kriegshaber was born in 1859 to Prussian immigrants living in Louisville, Kentucky. He did not make his home in Atlanta until 1889, when he left his civil engineer’s position with the Central of Georgia Railway to become a contractor and soon after president for forty-three years of his own building materials supply company. Nine years after his arrival in Atlanta, Kriegshaber was able to afford his elegant showplace on the periphery of Inman Park. He served in executive positions for countless businesses, civic, philanthropic, and cultural organizations. In addition to his building material supply business, Kriegshaber was the founder and first president of the Atlanta Terra Cotta Company, a director of the Atlanta Art Glass Co. and vice-president of the National Builders’ Supply Association. He was a director of the Chamber of Commerce and, in 1914, was part of the committee from the Chamber that spearheaded the new development at Lakewood for the Southeastern Fair. The Fair opened in 1916, the same year that Kriegshaber served as president of the Chamber of Commerce.

A charter member of the Rotary Club, Kriegshaber also served as director of the local council of the Boy Scouts of America, as president of the Jewish Charities and of the Jewish Educational Alliance and was director of the Hebrew Orphan’s Home. He was instrumental in establishing the city’s first public playgrounds for children and was later vice-president of the Playground Association of America. In 1905, Kriegshaber was one of the organizers of the Standard Club, serving as its first vice-president.

Kriegshaber served on the executive committee of the Atlanta Music Festival Association from its founding in 1909 until his death. The first Atlanta Music Festival, held in 1909 in the just completed Auditorium, was such a tremendous success that the Atlanta Music Festival Association inaugurated in 1910 the first of nearly twenty annual spring visits by the Metropolitan Opera to Atlanta’s Municipal Auditorium. In addition, his belief in the ability of local musicians and choristers led to the establishment of the Atlanta Philharmonic Society, of which he was president at his death in 1934.”

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  • Tuesday – Friday:
  • 1 – 4 pm Beer togo & Drinks
  • 4 – 9 pm Dinner
  • Saturday: 12 – 9pm 
  • Sunday 12 -7pm
  • Monday: Closed


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